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About The Institute

The IPCI is an organization dedicated to providing architects, general contractors, engineers, and flooring contractors the tools they need to utilize and understand the benefits of polished concrete. Offering quality training, specifications, and business support resources to polished concrete flooring providers both domestic and international, The IPCI has established itself as one of the world leaders on concrete polishing resources.

The polished concrete floor industry continues to grow. As more designers become aware of its unique beauty, cost-effective benefits, and environmental benefits, the demand for experienced flooring providers is on the rise. At the same time, architects, general contractors, and engineers need additional knowledge and data on the polishing process, and how it meets the needs of their clients.

The IPCI was created as a resource to all of these professions, bringing only highly qualified, experienced professionals to the table in the form of a Board of Directors, an Architectural Advisory Council, and a member-based Steering Committee. The IPCI has created specifications that detail the entire concrete polishing process, from recommended flatwork requirements, concrete grinding steps, sheen level applications, to multiple decorative options, empowering architects to solicit bids for their clients by only the most skilled contractors available. Additionally, with access to articles written by industry leaders and the latest ASTM data, The IPCI members stay on the cutting edge of this rapidly advancing field.

Through Craftsman Certification, The IPCI offers polished concrete providers the ability to thrive in a new art, instructing them by using curriculum that ensures their success, and supplying them with the marketing tools to enhance their business.