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The mission for The International Polished Concrete Institute is to promote the polished concrete industry through implementation of industry standards and dissemination through education and resources. The goals of The IPCI include establishing an industry-wide standardized definition of the polished concrete processes, educating trade partners on the specifications and implementation of polished concrete, and offering technique-driven training to specifiers and contractors.

Industry Standardization:

The IPCI seeks to standardize the definition of polished concrete and tie it to a scope of work, to ensure universal understanding of the term.


The IPCI seeks to offer the highest quality educational content to its members by seeking advice from its Board of Directors, Architectural Advisory Council, and Member Steering Committee to keep members up-to-date on the newest innovations and technologies.


The IPCI strives to provide practical resources and tools for its members including educational articles, operational forms and checklists, and detailed specifications.