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Featured Case Studies

Contemporary, Practical, and Cutting-Edge:
Polished Concrete Floors Reflect Corporate Culture

This featured case study looks at a polished concrete job, set apart by its varying combinations of aggregate exposure and colors, at a prominent Texas-based technology company Read
Featured Designers' Corner

Customized Concrete Countertops:
Move over Granite-Concrete offers a New Era of Customization

Article features information on the growing popularity of concrete countertops for residential and commercial issues Read
Featured Cutting Edge

Surviving This Economy:
And Looking Forward to Better Times

To thrive in this brutal economy, you will have to work harder and smarter to succeed. This means taking advantage of down time to plan, strategize and gain additional training Read
Featured Tech Tips

Start to Polished Finish:
Work Smarter, Not Harder:Identify your Opportunity Costs

This issues TECH TIP offers current 'how-to' on choosing jobs and running projects efficiently Read