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What is covered?

Our Craftsman Certification training courses offer a wide array of information useful to the most experienced flooring contractor to individuals just getting started.

Topics covered include in the 2-day course:

Certification Section

  • Basics of Polished Concrete
  • Equipment and Tooling Overview
  • Surface Densities
  • Coating Removal
  • Hands On Demonstration: (Machine Operation, Prep, Grind, & Densifier)
  • Assessment: Walking the Floor
  • Concrete Repair Work
  • The Initial Grind: Metal Bonds
  • Edges & Hand Tooling
  • The Final Polish: Resin Bonds
  • Application of Densifiers & Sealants
  • Maintenance of a Polished Floor
  • Hands On Demonstration: (Final Polish, Sheen Choices,Sealants, Edge Tooling)
  • Flatwork Troubleshooting
  • Polishing Troubleshooting
  • Machine Troubleshooting
  • Decorative Techniques
  • Hands on Demonstration: Decorative Applications

Business Support Section

  • Sales/Marketing Polished Concrete
  • Bid Sheets & Cost Analysis
  • Utilizing IPCI Website and Resources
  • AIA/CES Presentations