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Flatwork Needs

The polished concrete is the final floor finish for this structure. The aesthetic value of the floor is largely dependent on the flatwork that precedes it. Below are the flatwork recommendations to help ensure owner satisfaction.

Ideal Conditions for Exposed / Polished Concrete Flooring

Mix Design

  • Keep mix designs for multiple pours as similar as possible
  • No added air entrainment (less than 5%)
  • No more than 15% pozzolans (fly ash etc.)
  • Admixtures are not preferred


  • Aggregate must be well placed
    • Paste at the top for cream finish if no agg exposure is desired
    • Paste and fines at the top if a salt and pepper finish is desired
    • Large agg placed as close to the top as possible if large agg exposure is desired
  • Slab must be well vibrated for minimal air voids
  • Slab must be well floated (bull, pan)


  • 50/45 recommended FF/FL #
  • Strike off level with form, edges not to lift or slope
  • Properly finish around edges and stick ups
  • Well floated / well troweled
  • No trowel marks
  • Do not burn when power troweling
  • No indentions left on surface (ex: knee marks, shoe prints)


  • Minimum 28 day cure time
  • Wet cure with curing blankets is preferred
  • Blankets must be pulled 5 days prior to the polish
  • If cure and seal is necessary; use only dissipating cure and seal