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Training and Education

For Polishers:

IPCI Craftsman Certification is a technique-driven course designed to give you an overview of the polished concrete industry. IPCI training offers an understanding of the grinding and polishing process, hands-on experience with the application method, an explanation of challenges you may come across, and tips & tricks to help your company succeed.

Who should attend?

Contractors interested in getting into or expanding their current polished concrete business. From the beginner to the established polisher, IPCI certification courses conducted by industry-leading instructors offer a solid curriculum, proven tips of the trade, and hands-on scenarios benefiting a variety of construction professionals.

For Architects, General Contractors, and Flatworkers

IPCI strives to educate the entire industry about polished concrete, its environmental benefits, and on the best practices for a successful project. To learn more about how polished concrete can help your project, give us a call at 866-421-9550.