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The Grind and Polish Process

In the quest to develop the polished concrete standard, the International Polished Concrete Institute states not just a definition, but also a methodology clarification for polished concrete. "Polished concrete is a process which enhances the natural beauty of existing concrete by hardening and applying a sheen to the concrete. There are two primary methods to create this sheen: Topical or Mechanical." While both methods will provide a sealed floor, mechanical polished concrete is preferred in most applications due to its extended longevity, low maintenance, sustainability, and stunning esthetic. Just as every slab of marble or granite is unique, each polished concrete floor contains its own characteristics. This stone-like, mottled appearance is very appealing, and adds character to the floor.

Topical Polishing

A Topical Polish is a product treatment rolled or sprayed onto the surface of the concrete to seal it. Examples of this are wax coatings and buffed hardeners. If a higher sheen is preferred, many applications require a buffing or burnishing step to create a shine. While the concrete will have a coated, sealed appearance, the concrete will retain its coarse texture, and any inconsistencies in the surface will remain visible.

Sheen Level/Finish Options

  • Topical-Sheen Level 1: Matte finish: Scrub and Seal
  • Topical-Sheen Level 2: Low Sheen: Scrub, Buff, and Seal
  • Topical-Sheen Level 3: High Sheen: 4-Step Resin Polish

Mechanical Polish

A mechanical grinding & polishing process that utilizes industrial diamonds & impregnating hardeners and sealers to level, densify, polish & finally seal the floor from within the interior of the floor surface.

  • Wet Polish: Extends the life of diamond tooling by using water to cool, however, creates a slurry which much be disposed of.
  • Dry Polish: A preferred polishing method as it does not create a slurry, and can be performed with no production down time.

Sheen Level/Finish Options

  • Level 1: Matte Finish: 100 grit
  • Level 2: Low Sheen: 400 grit
  • Level 3: High Sheen: 800 grit
  • Level 4: Gloss Shine: 3000 grit