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Decorative Polished Concrete

Abundant options including colorants, saw cuts, engraving, even stenciled art create an aesthetically appealing floor that is durable and lasting without breaking the budget. Often compared to marble, granite, and terrazzo, decorative polished concrete can be performed to achieve the same high-end look, without the cost. From stenciled designs and tile layouts, to custom logos and integral color, decorative polished concrete offers endless customization.

Sheen Level/Finish Options

  • Colorants
  • Exposed Aggregates
  • Patterns
  • Logos/Engraving
  • Acid Staining

Benefits Overview

  • Less expensive than terrazzo, marble, or granites
  • Ideal for residential and retail applications
  • Colored, Matte, Low Gloss, Moderate Gloss, or High Gloss Shine
  • Aggregate exposure options: Cream, Small Agg, or Large Agg
  • Improved ambient lighting
  • Color options: dyes, integral, or shake downs
  • Saw cuts
  • Patterns
  • Uniform, monolithic look