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Architects may browse and search for local polishers in the area.
Polishers, update your directory listing!


The Build a Spec Matrix is a tool provided to create the vision of your end deliverable floor installation. After customizing your project, you can click to print a CSI format specification.

ASTM Tests and Data

Polished concrete is taking the flooring industry to a new level and the growing demand has produced the need for quantifiable results and data.

Project Posting

General Contractors - need to get a bid on a project? Post it here to reach polishers throughout your region and solicit bids.
Polishers - be sure to check here often to keep on-top of the latest project postings.

Polishing Aids

Polishers - this section includes checklists, forms, and support resources to help you succeed, including bid sheets, assessment forms, and more.


Network with your peers, ask questions, and learn more about polished concrete by logging into the polished concrete forum.