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Why get certified?

  1. Quality Training - Industry leaders come together for IPCI Craftsman Certification and Continuing Education classes to offer the most current information on how to succeed in polished concrete.
  2. Business Support - IPCI provides each member with a resource CD including floor assessment forms, sample bid sheets and other checklists to help your jobs and crew members operate smoothly. IPCI members-only online resources guide polishers through easy-to-follow marketing and selling plans to help generate business.
  3. Technical Resources - Is your project not going as quick or easy as expected? IPCI provides live support from our staff on technical and operational concerns for all your polished concrete endeavors. The IPCI Discussion Forum also connects polishers directly with others in the industry to answer the 'tough' questions on challenging jobs.
  4. Project Leads - Being a member of IPCI can give you access to upcoming projects through our Project Posting Board and the online Member Directory. Both of these resources help architects, GCs and business/homeowners in your region to post jobs and access YOUR company information and credentials directly.
  5. Architect Networking - IPCI members have the ability to provide architects with AIA/CES credits. Architects need these credits each year to keep their AIA membership current, so by presenting the turn-key presentation developed by IPCI on polished concrete, YOU can easily get in front of local architects to educate them on the benefits of polished concrete and generate business leads for YOUR company.