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Education for Architects (CES) & Designers

IPCI is an organization dedicated to providing architects and GCs with the tools they need to understand and utilize the benefits of polished concrete... and membership is FREE!

All architecture, engineer and design firms receive free access to our technical support staff and online resources. Other benefits include:

  • Customized CSI specifications. IPCI's has developed a 3-D imagery Build-A-Spec model to customize a tailored specification with ease. Build-A-Spec is a wonderful online tool where users can output a specification detailing the exact sheen, color, and decorative options preferred.
  • AIA/CES Opportunities. IPCI certified contractors are registered providers of the AIA/CES requirements and train on the benefits of polished concrete. Our 2008 presentation gives (1) one HSW (Health, Safety & Wellness) credit and focuses on understanding potential LEED points, methods and the cost-effective benefits of polished concrete. The presentation will also instruct how to locate specifications and experienced providers in your area. NEW! Our 2009 AIA/CES presentation counts for one (1) 'Sustainability' credit. *Four (4) hours of education in sustainable design have been added as part of the 18 hour annual AIA requirement.
  • ASTM & Technical Data. ASTM and other quality control testing resources are available for download on the IPCI website, including co-efficient of friction, FF/FL and specular testing.
  • Join our Advisory Council. IPCI is excited to announce 2009 openings on our Architect Advisory Council. We are looking for highly qualified, experienced professionals to help our curriculum and resource base stay on the cutting edge of this rapidly advancing field. If interested, please contact Erin Hutchison at or (865) 494-7881